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The C-Suite Perspective on Data Center Location

In 2016, every company is a technology company. As the volume of data increases and becomes ever more important to the function and even viability of an enterprise, business executives are increasingly tasked with ensuring [...]

Out with the old, in with the new – Google to convert coal-fired power plant to renewable energy data center

What could be more ironic (and symbolic) than a data center powered by renewable energy on the site of a former coal-burning power plant? That's exactly what Google is planning for the Widows Creek power [...]

Will future data centers set out to sea?

The oceans are already used for generating power and cooling nuclear power plants. Since power and cooling are two of the biggest challenges faced by data centers today - and land, especially coastal land, is [...]

The Most Attractive U.S. Markets for Data Center Leasing

In a newly released report, CBRE Data Center Solutions analyzed a typical 1-megawatt (MW), or 1,000-kilowatt (kW), data center lease over a seven-year term across 23 key markets in the U.S. Based on total project [...]

Five to Thrive – Selecting a Data Center

If you like challenges, here’s one: Pick up today’s Wall Street Journal and highlight companies that don’t depend on technology. Flip the pages, scan the articles, and read carefully. Try to find an organization that [...]